phot2lc is a pure-Python interactive tool for extracting light curves from time-series photometric data.

phot2lc is largely inspired by WQED (Thompson & Mullally 2009, 2013), and is designed to work with the outputs from both MAESTRO (Dalessio 2010, 2013) and ccd_hsp (Kanaan et al. 2002).


Current version: PyPI Latest Version

You can install phot2lc with pip:

pip install phot2lc

The phot2lc project can also be found at GitHub and at PyPI.


  • Python 3.6 (or later)
  • Matplotlib 3.1.3 (or later)
  • Astropy 4.0 (or later)
  • LMFIT 1.0.1

Package Contents

  • phot2lc – The main light curve extraction program
  • photconfig – Configures some of phot2lc’s defaults
  • weldlc – Welds together multiple light curve files into one
  • quicklook – Generates quicklook plots of light curves and their periodograms